5 easy activities for children’s wellbeing

Parent and child holding hands in woodland

A bike ride around your local park

Exercise outside is allowed, and a bike ride with the family presents the perfect opportunity to keep to yourselves and enjoy some fresh air, taking in your local surroundings. Add a little extra excitement by creating a list of sights and sounds for your kids to look out for. Some of our favourite ideas include:

  • Spot one person jogging or running
  • Listen out for a bird call
  • See if you can spot any early Spring flowers


Turn your garden into your very own wonderland

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday than with a garden adventure? Turn your garden into your kids’ very own wonderland, with a treasure hunt that will keep them occupied for hours and will make staying at home fun!


Plan a nature hunt with kids

Swap your child’s mousepad and keyboard for a crayon and some paper, and head to a local woodland walk to do bark or leaf rubbings. Otherwise, you can play a word game, such as I, Spy or the alphabet game – where you take it in turns to say things you see as you work through the alphabet. If the kids grow tired of that one, there’s always the ultimate outside family game to fall back on: hide and seek.


Turn your house into a games haven

This idea is super simple: place a different game or activity in every room of your home, then move around as a family, completing games and ‘unlocking’ new games and rooms as you go.


Get baking!

Kids love baking, and the internet is packed full of fun bakes that you can try with your kids. You never know, you might even teach them a new skill as you go! Check out the BBC Good Food kids’ page for top baking ideas and suggestions.


Plan a movie night

After you’ve spent a day out doing one of the above activities, why not plan a special movie night with the whole family to round off a great day? Turn the lights off, bring all your cushions and duvets downstairs, and tuck into a fun movie and a bowl of popcorn from the comfort and safety of your own home.