Emotional wellbeing in children – meet the guru

Ali looking at camera sat on chair

For those of you who have seen Alis’ tips and films on our site and social media, you will know already that she’s quite something. She manages to combine a really friendly, relatable manner with a wealth of knowledge about kids and education and particularly “getting through” to them. We find her truly inspirational.

We developed this series (and mini series) as an addition to our usual offering, which has mostly focussed on longer films for teachers and parents. The tumultuous changes we’ve all been through over the last year-and-a-half made us think about how we could help teachers and parents during lockdown and beyond. What quick action could make the difference? How can we help children talk about their feelings at a time when everything is up in the air? That’s where Alis comes in.

A teacher for many years, she’s now part-time co-Head Teacher of a Primary and Nursery School in Hertfordshire and runs her own company which combines education and leadership consultancy, life and executive coaching alongside yoga and meditation. This balancing of physical and cerebral approaches is typical of Alis’ holistic approach. She believes, “children build learning power by developing skills such as collaboration, creativity, curiosity, commitment, craftsmanship, communication and confidence.”

“Love this! So simple, and yes, so full of wonderful skill-building learning.”

@HelenGarnett44, Mother of 4 | Teacher | Award Winning Early Years Author 

But while she has theory in bucket loads (and a Master’s in Education from Cambridge), she breaks down the complex into engaging and digestible ideas which are truly practical – brilliant for parents, teachers and carers.

Plus, watch Alis’ super-quick tips for connecting in nature, one for each day of the week

Alis’ enthusiasm and passion for helping kids to reach their potential whatever their situation is palpable.

Hats off, Alis!