Empowering teachers to talk about mental health

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At Nip in the Bud, we’re empowering teachers to talk about mental health!

We provide free resources for parents, teachers and carers about common child mental health conditions. 

These resources include a combination of downloadable fact sheets and videos. Some of our videos are informational and discuss the causes, symptoms and help options available for child mental health conditions. Other videos are real life accounts from children or parents affected by their children’s conditions.

Our free resources are invaluable for helping adults better understand these conditions. We’re also becoming increasingly aware of the important role teachers can play in identifying signs of mental health conditions. Teachers are well placed to help their students manage any symptoms in their daily school life.


How we’re empowering teachers to talk about mental health

We know that teaching staff need more tools to help them deal with children’s emotional wellbeing.  We have a range of free films and factsheets on our website for Teachers and Professionals who work with children.

These films provide easy-to-use tips and guidance for teachers who have vulnerable children in their classroom. These children might show signs of a mental health condition or already have a formal diagnosis.

We’re delighted to work with broadcaster and writer, Sian Williams, on our Tips for Teachers series. Sian narrates each video in her articulate and seamless style, to make the films engaging and informative for our viewers. Mental Health is a topic that’s close to Sian’s heart; she has an MSc in Psychology and is a trained trauma assessor.

The videos cover some of the most common mental health conditions that teachers may observe in their classrooms.

We have also created a Training Resource for teachers which can be purchased through our website. It’s designed to be used by schools, university teacher trainees and organisations who work with children as well as for parents and others who care for children.