27th May 2022

How isolation and secrecy fuel the self-harm flames

During Mental Health Awareness month in May 2022 – focused on the role of loneliness – we listened to our experts and those who have been […]
23rd February 2022

No such thing as too young

Why cases of eating disorders in children are increasing and where to find help There’s nothing perfect about this particular storm. COVID has left many people […]
22nd November 2021

Four years wiser…

Did you know that the number four represents solidity and balance? And if we were celebrating our wedding anniversary, we’d be donning silk?But, in fact, we […]
24th August 2021
Girl worried about going back to school

Back to school anxiety – what to look for and how to help

It’s a time of disruption and heightened emotions for many but what if your child’s anxiety is something to really worry about? Given that many adults […]
1st April 2021
Two children ready for school

We’ve learned so much in March we’d like to share

We’ve looked all over the web – so you don’t have to As schools reopened after a long slog, we felt nervous but also hopeful. The conversation […]
19th June 2020
bullying mental health

How bullying can affect long term mental health in children

It’s no secret that bullying can affect mental health in children. But, did you know that the effect of bullying can lead to long-term conditions such […]
6th May 2020

What are the risk factors for developing ADHD?

Here we’ll discuss the risk factors for children to develop Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and how to recognise the symptoms. We’ll also explain what […]