Raising a child with autism : Carrie and David

Carrie and David describe how their happy little girl began to feel excluded and different when she started school. The outside world is so structured towards the neurotypical that it was causing a lot of damage to Talia who is not neurotypical because of her autism.

It is a misnomer that autistic children are not sociable.  They want to be able to have all kinds of friends, especially if they are high functioning. But if they are excluded and don’t fit in anywhere, this leads to feelings of isolation, sadness and depression.

Talia finally came into her own when she became an actor playing an autistic character for Hollyoaks. The company and other cast members were determined to understand Talia. They constantly change the environment around her and make adjustments to suit Talia’s needs.  As a result, Talia has flourished.

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