Recognising and Responding to Potential Mental Health Conditions in Children – Free Training Resource

Online Mental Health Awareness Training Programme for ALL Primary School Staff, all cohorts of Primary School Teacher Trainees and Organisations that work with or care for children.
Prepared and presented by Alis Rocca, Educational Consultant (previously Headteacher)

With guidance for discussion topics where participants can build their knowledge and share their reflections and experiences in pairs or small groups.

The resource will be available to all staff members of the organisation that downloads it.

The resource of 74 slides will be delivered in two versions:

  • MP4 – Audio-visual (with presenter) – for Inset or staff meeting
  • PDF – Visual (no presenter) – for leaders who want to present it themselves or for individuals who want to view the resources in their own time
  • PDF – complimentary Link Dossier – hyperlinks to all signposted resources

The training programme needs to be used in conjunction with the Nip in the Bud website.

Playing time without stopping is one hour.

The running time of the full programme with pauses for discussion and watching the films as recommended is approximately two hours.

The resource can be used in short sections to address one topic at a shorter meeting.

You will receive an email with downloadable files that you can share with all the staff members or teacher trainees within your organisation.

Topics covered:

  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Key Facts
  • DfE 2020 Guidance for Schools
  • Ofsted Inspection Framework
  • Teaching Standards
  • SEND Code of Practice
  • Case Studies

Why should you sign up?

  • The video can be watched as many times and by as many users in the organisation as required.
  • It’s comprehensive yet flexible according to your needs.
  • Can easily be stopped and started for different sections.
  • Can be broken up into short viewing sections for example focusing on only one mental health condition or on one particular topic.
  • Can be viewed as a whole-group activity or in small groups.
  • Can be viewed individually.

Download the free training resource