Four years wiser…

Child walking through classroom

Did you know that the number four represents solidity and balance? And if we were celebrating our wedding anniversary, we’d be donning silk? But, in fact, we have reached our fourth birthday.


We’ve shared the story of why Nip in the Bud exists before – our founders’ daughter had debilitating OCD for years before she was diagnosed and still struggles with the condition. And when a family friend took their own life, Kitty and Daniel Nabarro decided to do what they could to change things. With proof that early diagnosis can make a huge difference to outcomes, and the knowledge that getting information directly to where it’s needed – in the hands of parents, teachers and carers – Nip in the Bud was formed.

Unusually, we chose to focus our approach through film, which has meant working with some of the most talented filmmakers in the UK. As a charity, our financial resources are limited but these people chose to collaborate with us because they, too, believed in our mission. We use film because film changes perceptions, increases knowledge and empowers action. It makes complicated facts easier to take in and remember. Film is also more accessible for people with visual/reading/comprehension difficulties or where English is a second language. Our real-life films share untold stories, helping beneficiaries feel seen.

During the past four years, the charity has worked with experts not just to make films (over 50), but also to develop endless resources and quick tips to help busy people looking after children. We’re proud to say that a recent survey we conducted revealed that over 90% of the people who use our website have a lot of trust in our site and over 95% found the information valuable.

Anxiety and emotional wellbeing are the subjects most searched for on our site and we’re glad to have been able to help in a period of national crisis. But that’s far from over.

So our mission continues and we are determined to get the message out to even more people in need. Young people struggling with mental health issues need to be heard, acknowledged and helped. Accessibility to free mental health information is at the heart of this.

Over four years, we’ve helped countless children and their concerned adults – our film on ADHD has had over 64,000 views alone.

Who knows what we can achieve in the next four. We hope you’ll be with us on the journey…