We’ve learned so much in March we’d like to share

Two children with backpacks and face masks on

We’ve looked all over the web – so you don’t have to

As schools reopened after a long slog, we felt nervous but also hopeful. The conversation around mental health is increasing in volume, that’s for sure. Both Roman Kemp’s BBC film about male suicide and the documentary about Caroline Flack were primetime hits, demonstrating that the outdated and frankly unhelpful stigma is slowly diminishing. We know, of course, that these issues don’t suddenly start at puberty or adulthood.

The marvellous Dr Alex George is certainly making changes in the system and the promise of online access to mental health resources in schools is a start (but sadly, as is the way with social media, he’s also getting it in the neck for not performing an out-and-out miracle overnight). This comes on the back of a report from the Anna Freud Centre which found that 93% of children want mental health teaching to be brought into the classroom.

We partnered with the Reading Agency to talk about the importance not just of reading but creating a safe, calm space for children to talk about their feelings.

Other things we learned (that we think you’d like, too):

♦  Gamification for stressed kids.

♦  How to make a kinder world.

♦   Psychological first aid for the young.

♦  And don’t forget about our new resource, designed specifically for teachers to share with colleagues and teams.

Until next time, let’s keep nipping mental health issues in the bud.

From Kitty & the Team