Dyslexia in Children

Dyslexia is a neurological difference which can cause difficulties with reading and writing and other learning too. It’s important to pick this up early in a child’s life so that it doesn’t impact on their education and their experience at school.

Children with Dyslexia can flourish if they can live in environments where there is understanding and a flexible approach to living and learning and finding ways to develop their many strengths.   They benefit from teaching strategies such as nurturing their creativity and using visual learning.

In this 10-minute film Ayana and Sophie share their thoughts about how Dyslexia affects them, especially at school. Professor Maggie Snowling, a clinical psychologist and expert in language and Dyslexia, explains that children with Dyslexia might have other specific learning difficulties, which are perhaps also accompanied by mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.  But dyslexics can also become determined to manage their difficulties, develop many interests that they enjoy and become resilient.

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