Tip 12: How to boost positive emotions

Acceptance: Parents must recognise that they are not superheroes: it will be impossible to entertain children 24 hours a day and all children will get bored at some point; parents are not expected to suddenly know and teach them the whole curriculum. It is important that parents are kind to themselves.

Scheduling activities: When old routines are lost, it is helpful to build new routines by writing down a plan together with your children.

Remember essential activities: It is important to ensure that your children keep eating and sleeping at regular times and to ensure that your children maintain a good social connection with friends and family – in person or even through video calls and social media.

Identify positive activities: You can write down together with your children a list of what is important to them (e.g., being creative, being a good friend), and what they can do to get what they want (e.g., drawing, texting their friends). It is important to ensure variety in activities (education, exercise, creative activities, socialising), and encourage your child to try something new.

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