Dyslexia in Children

Children with dyslexia have difficulty with learning to read and spell, remembering words and phrases, repeating something in the right order.  They should be encouraged to work to their strengths which might be thinking outside the box, creativity, and visual learning.

Professor Maggie Snowling explains what the symptoms might be in the classroom. Stigma must be avoided. Instead there needs to be encouragement. This way if a child has a diagnosis of dyslexia, they can put in place the right support and work to their many strengths.   

Children with dyslexia might find mainstream school difficult to thrive in and might find reading and writing challenging.  They tend to be very creative and might do better with multi-sensory approaches to learning. Two young students Ayana and Sophie explain how dyslexia affects them. They might feel overwhelmed and embarrassed to ask for help, but they enjoy their hobbies and try to see dyslexia as a motivation rather than a barrier.

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