How yoga for children helps mental health

Child sat on floor meditating

Yoga for children is becoming more widely adopted in many schools because of the fantastic impact it has on pupils. Not only does yoga for children improve physical health, it can have a significant effect on their mental wellbeing too.

Here we’ll explore some of the ways in which yoga for children helps mental health.


Yoga reduces anxiety

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health problems identified in children. 

It’s estimated that between 8% and 27% of children will experience anxiety by age 18.

A big benefit of yoga in children is that it can help them manage anxiety, or eliminate the condition altogether. This is because yoga calms the central nervous system and provides a healthy distraction from the unwanted thoughts and worries that characterise anxiety. 

Yoga can teach children breathing techniques and relaxation exercises that will benefit them through childhood, adolescence and later in life into adulthood. 


Yoga can improve behavioural difficulties

Children who suffer from behavioural conditions like ADHD and Conduct Disorders can benefit from regular yoga practice. 

For a start, yoga can provide a physical outlet for their feelings, frustrations or impulses. It can also help children focus their minds and bodies on a single task; a useful skill they can employ in the classroom and social situations.

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